[ Sitting crosslegged for yoga meditation in The Strawbale Studio ]

Create a sense of harmony and well-being

With Nurturing and Restorative Yoga
Develop Body Awareness, Posture,
Meditation, and Breath Work;
Increasing suppleness,
releasing stress

Lotus flower

Fabrizia teaches regular yoga classes drawing from both Hatha and Kundalini traditions:

For more details and upcoming dates+times, see her Yoga flyer. Special extended sessions with Gong Bathing are listed on the Events page.

[ Fabrizia in yoga tree pose ][ Fabrizia teaching the tree pose at her evening yoga class ]Apart from her regular classes, she also runs workshops linking yoga with Indian classical dance, which she has taught at festivals and events such as Buddhafield, Big Green Gathering, Tribe Of Doris in Somerset, Osho Leela in Dorset, Spirit Fest in Herefordshire, Indian Summer Festival and The Festival of Song Drum and Dance.


"A big thank you for all the yoga sessions this year. You have a very special talent, as I come home feeling refreshed and calm."
- Pam Doyle

"I just wanted to thank you for the amazing meditation space you hold for us when we attend your yoga class. You always seem able to tune into the energy of the group and provide a safe, healing space for us when we relax. Keep up the magic!"
- Lynda Alleyne

"Fabrizia's yoga classes are a welcome treat for the body, mind and soul. I come away from each session with a renewed sense of peace, vitality and well-being. From the beautifully calming tone of her voice and manner to the warmth of her encouraging smile, Fabrizia oozes tranquil guidance as she offers her holistic yoga teachings. These include strengthening hatha and kundalini postures, guided visualisation, relaxation and simple chanting. The accompanying music is thoughtfully chosen adding yet another dimension to the nurturing ambience of the space. This class is perfect for anyone wishing to improve the suppleness and strength of the physical body with the added bonus of a spiritual lift."
- Ness Churn

"Fabrizia's Yoga classes bring me back home to my true essence... who I truly am.... and I feel totally at peace and centered. It is a wonderful realization of total bliss. Thank you Fabrizia."
- Anneke Kuiper

Experience and training

Fabrizia studied for the British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Certificate with Maarten Vermaase, which then led her to undertake teacher training at The Yoga For Health Foundation, Icklebury. At the same time she attended Kundalini classes with Bridget Lynton-Minor who inspired her to lead her own Kundalini classes, and Lyn Ragg who influenced her to teach Hatha and Iyengar Yoga.

Yoga poses in silhouette

"Touch the ground of the present moment and you will touch peace and joy." - Thich Nhat Hanh