Music and dance performances

[ More pictures of Fabrizia dancing with her students at Kaleidoscope Festival ]

[ More pictures of Fabrizia dancing at Rhythms Of The World festival ][ Watch this video of Fabrizia's students dancing at Midsummer Festival 2009 ]Watch videos on Fabrizia's YouTube channel > > >

Fabrizia performs Bharatanatyam classical Indian dance, often accompanied by traditional musicians such as tabla player Neil Craig and sitarist Jonathan Mayer with her students (seen here), and also world musicians such as Chris Puleston, Ravi, Sudha and Adrian Freedman. [ Fabrizia performing the dance prayer Namaskaram at Big Dance stage in Luton ]



"A huge thank you for bringing Indian Classical Dance to the Hertford Art Society last Tuesday. All added together to make this one of the most outstanding evenings of our winter programme: your elegance and poise, the fascinating bits of explanation that you gave us about the distinctive dance moves, the atmospheric music and the way in which your beautiful costume draped as you moved. You left us feeling enriched and inspired."
- Marianne Dorn

" ancient processional of gorgeously colourful robed figure Gaia (Fabrizia Verrechia) with kohl darkened eyes smiling and waving, accompanied by singing maidens in red, scattering petals."
- Oxford Dance reviewing Tipping Point

"Thank you for creating such a great piece... sound and movement woven together with such playful yet serious expression that brought us all together into a sacred connected space. Has brought me gifts of inspiration and gratitude for a deeper connection to myself!"
- Alex Greaves

"Thank you very much for your wonderful performance - please thank Jonathan Mayer too. The Mayors of Dacorum and Aylesbury told me later that evening how much they had enjoyed your dancing and the sitar playing, calling it "memorable", and over the last couple of days several other guests have told me the same. It was much appreciated by all."
- John Sallan, Mayor of Tring

"Thank you for such a wonderful evening... It was a real treat to see you dance! The stories and explanation about your movements really brought it all to life for me... Added to that Jahnavi's ethereal presence, sound and being complemented the whole piece and with Ravi for his amazing overtone voice and musicality."
- Suzanne

"Many thanks for the special evening of dance and music, it was full of light, love and spirituality, it was truly a delightful evening. When you can capture the moment such as Saturday evening, people are blessed seeing and hearing such beauty reflected in movement and sound. Poets, painters, dancers, musicians can change others lives; it is only these people that can take the imagination or soul to higher places. So please carry on, the sun finds it hard to warm the earth after winter, BE the sun always be passionate about what you do."
- Neil Robbins

"Thank you for the great gift of your performance at my Mehndi (wedding ceremony). Jonathan and I remember it as one of the outstanding moments of our journey. Your dance brought us all great joy."
- Pria

"Fabrizia, thank you and Ravi for a wonderfully uplifting evening, and the magical mystery tour to the studio and loft. I felt uplifted!"
- Lesley Smith

"Thank you for a truly wonderful evening. I'm still feeling the warmth and serenity. You were great together, a perfect combo."
- Ness Churn

Performances include

Other musical collaborations

As well as performing as a dancer, Fabrizia has also worked with other musicians such as The Oxford Improvisers. Through her Butoh work with Cafe Reason, Fabrizia was also a member of AMV, an Oxford-based band specialising in "inauthentic medieval music". You can see her singing and dancing on their MySpace page.

Fabrizia dancing Yankadi with Secret Bass Melissa, Chantelle, Ruth and Fabrizia dancingShe was also a very Special Agent of Secret Bass African drumming group from Hertfordshire, with whom she sang, danced and played djembe.