Community workshops

Taking Indian Dance and yoga to festivals and cultural events

Fabrizia teaching at The Tribe Of Doris festivalFabrizia gives workshops linking Indian classical dance with yoga throughout Herts, Beds, Essex and North London, to people of all ages.

See this video and slideshow of a workshop at Cotswolds Yoga.

As well as shorter events, she can lead day workshops or retreat weekends, also offering performances, optionally accompanied by traditional and world musicians.

Fabrizia Verreccia Dance flyer [251KB JPEG]

Fabrizia teaching Indian Dance with Yoga workshop at Spiritfest 2020 [131KB JPEG]Workshop with Ravi and Fabrizia linking Yoga, dance and voice healing at Michael's Folly


"I am aware that this little workshop has opened something inside me and reminded me of the warmth of 'joy'. It was really like a ray of warm sunshine inside, so thank you thank you thank you for that wonderful gem. Much love and Blessings."
- Su Bear

"Fabrizia is utterly unique and so very gifted. She has a deeply sensitive way of teaching the art of dance, yoga and movement and relating it to yoga philosophy and practice. I came away feeling deeply moved, inspired and free. Her work is beautiful, inspirational and refreshing and so needed in this world today."
- Nikki Jackson, Health consultant, Yoga, Mindfulness, Occupational therapy

"Fabrizia, thank you so much for a wonderful day. The elements you and Ravi bring together complement each other on many levels."
- Suzanne Corcoran

"After attending Fabrizia's wonderful Indian Temple Dance workshop in October, I felt so much energy flowing and resonating within my personal life and with my little girl in a heart-felt way of living. I also noticed so much more rich imagery coming up in subsequent meditation practices across the week. Thank you Fabrizia for being such a beautiful guiding spirit. I love Fabrizia's ability to weave soulful, soothing lyrical poetry with gentle grounding somatic work and playful sequences which connect my body and how it moves to nature's shapes, elements and in this instance, Shiva/Shakti, Lakshmi, Tara, and 'Bhoomi'. I find Fabrizia's style of teaching embodies a unique blend of self-love, self-compassion and playfulness to explore freely. I highly recommend any dance/yoga workshop which Fabrizia offers. She is a true gem, able to expand your perspective on your own body, leaving you feeling both grounded and receptive."
- Maya Rangel

Previous workshops include: