Fabrizia dancing with Cafe Reason at The Botanic Gardens in OxfordExperimental dance theatre

Butoh is an exciting and challenging dance form originating in Japan in the 1950's.

Fabrizia is a founder member of Cafe Reason Butoh Dance Theatre group in Oxford and regularly performs with them.

Watch a video of Fabrizia dancing Red Moon with musicians Melissa Holding on koto and shamisen and Bruno Guastalla on cello.

More videos:

Watch a video of Fabrizia dancing Red Moon at The Pegasus TheatreFabrizia dancing Out Of The Box with Paola at Diamond Night in Oxford


Fabrizia dancing Sea Change with Cafe Reason, 1998Fabrizia dancing with Cafe Reason - The Three Blighted Sisters, August 2004

Cafe Reason performing Mint, part of a series of works called Living Library at Oxford's Botanic Gardens, photo by Tony Eva


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