About Fabrizia Verrecchia

Fabrizia dancing with red feetClassical Indian Bharatanatyam dancer and Yoga teacher

Fabrizia's love for dance began as a child attending Bharatanatyam classes at a Krishnamurti School in Southern India. Returning to England, she trained with Marianne Balchin, a former student of Ram Gopal.

Having attended classes with Akademi (formerly Academy of Indian Dance), she performed at the Commonwealth Institute, Royal Festival Hall and School of Oriental and African Studies. She was part of a welcome dance for Ravi Shankar at the Barbican Hall and gave a solo recital at the British Museum to celebrate an exhibition of South Indian Art.

Fabrizia has refined her dance technique with Anusha Subramanyam and teachers of the Kalakshetra School in Chennai, most recently under the tuition of Krishna Latha.

Parallel to her practice in Bharatanatyam, Fabrizia has been exploring and performing the experimental Japanese dance form Butoh with Café Reason Dance Group since 1997.

Her interest in Yoga has led her to explore the links between Yoga and Indian Dance, running Yoga classes drawing from Hatha and Kundalini Yoga. She has a British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Certificate, and studied teacher training at The Yoga For Health Foundation. She is currently researching in Dance Movement Therapy.

This poem is written for Fabrizia Verrecchia, with much love from John Brookesmith:

Fabrizia performing Indian Dance at Osho Leela Festival in Dorset, photo by Kutira Warnke, May 2013TEMPLE DANCES


She moves in the shape of a fan
sanguine with hands outspread
to those devoted to her mimicry

leaving her breath on the air
as her mouth moves to the song
and as the voice seems elsewhere

than her sunflower turns
through the fastest spinning
of her infant star, the goddess.